4 Ways Women Can Make Men Last Longer in Bed

Women take longer in bed to orgasm. This is fact. Men, they can do it fast. But sometimes, that doesn’t work for women. So what to do? Karaz’s Shahrazad lists 5 things that women can do to make their men last longer in bed…discreetly. 

ways women can make men last longer in bed

Eat More Pumpkin

Pumpkin boosts men’s libido. The seeds actually can boost blood flow by 40% to male genitals, and can generally boost sex drive too. They’re yummy, come in many recipes, or can be made into a simple cake. That way you can enjoy more than one kind of dessert and be happy.

Pull His Testicles
Don’t hurt him, but do it gently. When you do this, you prevent the sperm from traveling through his testicles and outside his body. That way, if he’s about to finish, you can literally pull him back. Just make sure to pull downwards towards his feet and take control of what happens when!

Mix It Up
Men know what position will get them to the finish line in no time. So switch it up! Don’t stick to the one you know he loves the most and will finish fast. Instead, try out different positions and make your bed adventures last longer and be more fun!

The Kegels Game
Kegels are a great exercise for women to keep in shape “down there”. But instead of just doing this on your own, next time do a few reps with your partner! Except this time, he’s doing some work too! Put a towel over his penis and tell him if he can lift it 20 times, he gets a special prize. Men don’t know that they need to work out their best friend too. The stronger his pelvic floor muscles are, the longer he can last, and the better chance he has of not developing ED!

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